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Marine Life Tours

From the rugged headlands through to the beautiful white sandy beaches, including the world class north facing Lauguna Bay, Noosa provides the perfect backdrop for your luxury Marine Life experience.  Our 36ft Riviera allows you to get close to nature with all the comforts of a 5 Star Hotel.  Private & Shared Charters available.

Experience the migrations of the beautiful Humpback Whales with numbers increasing yearly.  The Sunshine Coast is fast becoming of the of the go to destinations to see these majestic animals.  The warm waters of Laguna Bay provide shelter and rest for Mum and Calves on the long journey back to the Artic Ocean.  Sightings of the Whales is usually between July & November.

The beautiful Loggerhead Turtle and our resident Dolphins are most commonly seen enjoying the warm waters of the bay.  They often swim on the surface and pop their heads up for a curious look.  To view these beautiful creatures swimming in the pristine waters of Noosa is a memory you will always treasure.

The Sunshine Coast is renowned for its diverse and incredible range of Pelagic Birds.  The Shy Albatross is most common with Petrel's, Prion's & Shearwaters.  Watching Sea Life Birds in their natural environment is a spectacular event.  Their amazing ability to spot their prey and hone down at incredible speed is something not to be missed.

Our Bespoke Charters are everything you want and more.  Experience the Marine Life of the Noosa Shire in 5 Star Comfort.  Air Conditioned Cabin with Full Amenities.  Design your Day and we will take care of the rest.

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